What’s Your Binaural Beat Frequency?

Binaural Beat Frequency

What’s Your Frequency?

Have you ever spoken to anyone who seems to be high wired, on the edge or overly active? You may know that it isn’t just because they had one too many cups of coffee. There may be several reasons for this, but most likely, it is because their brain waves are moving at a rapid rate, causing them to multi-task and to become overly active. This is because the way we think and act is directly related to how quickly brain waves are circuiting through our mind.

If you want your own, natural medications for slowing down your mind, or want to give another individual the tool for slowing down, is the use of binaural beats as a direct way to make sure that you can focus on any task at hand.

Our minds have the capability of functioning on several levels, or brain waves. Depending on the wave they are on, is also a difference in how an individual responds to the environment. At a higher frequency of functioning, which is also a faster paced brain wave, is also more activity and movement that occurs. These are known as beta waves and typically function between 15 – 30 hz. This is where most individuals function when they are in an active state of mind.

As the brain waves slow down, so does our state of activity and restfulness. Specifically, there are three other states that we can move to. This includes alpha waves, theta and delta waves, as seen in the diagram below.

(image taken from: Meditation: Mind Matters: http://www.meditations-uk.com/information/brain_waves.html)

With these altered states of mind, is the ability to reach deeper levels of relaxation and meditation, specifically because the brain waves are moving at a lower rate.

If you want someone to slow down their brain waves, as well as activity, then using binaural beats are a simple and effective method to get from a beta state to a theta movement. You can expect that the average individual is functioning at about 20 Hz, which is the Beta wave state. With most binaural beats, they will match this frequency for the best results. As an individual listens to the beats, the movement and pulses will slow down, and eventually provide the mind with the option of slowing down their wave patterns as well.

In a matter of 15 minutes, the pulses will be able to move the mind down to an average of 7 Hz, which is also the Theta state of brain waves or the place where the mind can reach deep relaxation, focus and higher problem solving abilities.

With the basic concept of brain waves, are also ways in which the brain directly affects our levels of consciousness, focus and hyper activity. If you are ready to slow down and gain a new level of focus, then you can create direct communication with your brain waves and start to alter the pace of thinking you have. The result is the ability to have a tool that allows you to control your brain wave activity and how you respond and move in any given environment.

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