Top Binaural Beat Tips

Positive Mindset

Here are some basic top binaural beat tips and tricks that will help you achieve the most favorable results in sessions of Binaural Beats:

Don’t be a skeptic – in a way, Binaural Beats works through the power of suggestion, or by gently coaxing your brain to enter the state of consciousness that you decide. A lot of things, especially those that rely on the brain’s willingness will fail if it encounters resistance from the brain itself. This is not to say that you need to act like a dumb slave while listening to binaural beats, but be positive about the experience and try not to think that the activity will not work. Otherwise you’ll convince your own brain to resist the effects.

Avoid any distractions – if your Binaural Beats uses sound as medium, use a comfortable headphone and try to do it when nobody is bound to attract your attention. This makes it ideal for long, boring train or plane rides, or before going to sleep.

Do not treat it like a drug – binaural entrainment is only an aid for relaxation or mood improvement, and not a drug. It will not cure any emotional or psychological illnesses even though some people have boasted of achieving higher states of consciousness through their use.

Consult a professional if you have other neurological problems – bear in mind that binaural entrainment affects the way your mind works similar to how a software program can affect the way a computer’s hardware works. If you have irregularities or abnormalities in the core of your mental health, bad luck and binaural entrainment could do long term damage. In these cases, it would be beneficial to consult a doctor first. As an example, it has been documented that children with ADHD will have negative reactions to theta waves (3.5hz to 7.0hz).

Tackle one frequency at a time – if you have plans to improve your anxiety and confidence through the use of binaural beats, try to wait until you have finished with the first problem before moving to the next, as juggling several frequencies may confuse your brain and negate any positive effects that Binaural Beats may have on you.

Come up with a specific goal – if you’re using entrainment to help treat some problem such as anxiety, try to set a specific mark that tells you if your goal has been achieved. The idea of binaural entrainment is to fix or help fix problems but if you just keep using it without ever achieving anything, it could turn into an addiction or an obsession.

Set a consistent schedule – Binaural Beats depends largely on consistency to be effective. For example, if you expose the brain to a frequency that fluctuates wildly in different levels, the brain would not adapt its own brainwave pattern and may even disregard the stimulus in time, making the whole activity worthless. The brain needs to be “tamed” through consistency and in a way, letting it know when it’s supposed to hear the binaural beats will help greatly in achieving results.

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