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“I’ve got admit I was skeptical. But those damn binaural beats worked!” Audio #1 – Maximum Motivation Experience: Very Satisfied I’m a media producer/writer/director working with corporate and government clients. As a scriptwriter, I often have to delve deeply into a rather specialized topic and quickly spit out a coherent script. Last week, i had to take 7 hours of audio interviews and generate a detailed script outline for a client. I have to admit, that i wasn’t looking forward to the assignment. But the job had to get done. I put “Maximum Motivation” onto my ipod and started it playing. Sat down with my notes and started working. Almost immediately I felt my energy and focus increase. It’s kind of like a really centered coffee buzz. I was able to stay with the content, pull out the “gems” and get it all down on paper in three hours – almost effortlessly. I was in the “zone” doing what had to be done. I’ve got admit I was skeptical. But those damn binaural beats worked! Congrats. I’m not only sold but “SOLD” – if you know what I mean 🙂 Jerry Travers Maryland, USA, www.jktmedia.com

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“I feel that I have more energy after I have finished working now which is crazy!” I just wanted to say that these audios are great. They were kind of weird to start with but after listening to them for a few minutes they just faded into the background. I don’t have any solid information to support this claim but I really think these audios have helped my productivity. I feel that I have more energy after I have finished working now which is crazy! Thanks! Adam Fletcher, United Kingdom, www.ProjectVRE.com

“It’s A Fight Deciding When To Stop!” Audio #1 – Maximum Motivation Experience: Very Satisfied The audios I am personally using the most are the Maximum Motivation, the Intense Focus and the Centered Creativity. As a PHP programmer and writer, It’s more rare than not that I just can’t get into gear. Which is why I decided to purchase these audios. It’s simple to put on the headphones and listen while I work. And I must say, now it’s not a fight to get anything done, it’s more of a fight deciding when to stop! Doing what I do, has become so much easier because now I don’t have to struggle. These audios are simply grand! Tim Brownlaw Victoria, Australia www.LookingOverMyShoulder.com

“These Audios Are Powerful” I’ve been using subliminal audios with brain waves successfully to improve my golf game for several months now. I listend to your “Maximum Motivation” audio when I was exhausted and needed some motivation to finish a task. The first time I listened to the audio it was a pretty unknown noise. I turned down the volume and after a few minutes I didn’t notice the sound anymore. The great thing is that I felt motivated and energized again and completed the task without any problems. These audios are powerful. And the great thing is that your audios are less expensive than similar products available online.Andrew Scott, www.AmazingGolfMind.com”


“I wanted to get my creative juices flowing. I’ve gotta say – I’m IMPRESSED!” Audio #2 – Centered Creativity Experience: Very Satisfied I listened to Centered Creativity because I was working on redesigning my website and I wanted to get my creative juices flowing. I’ve gotta say – I’m IMPRESSED! I started listening to the audio when I brought up my website builder. About 4 hours later I was finished with my new design, I just need to add the text to some of the pages. I don’t remember when the audio stopped because I was so into what I was doing that I didn’t notice. I am extremely pleased with the outcome and look forward to using some of the other audios. Thanks so much. I didn’t have any negative effects from listening to the audio – unless you count working 4 hours non-stop as a negative! Joy Thompson Florida, USA, www.ourdreams06.com


“They’ve Definitely Helped My Productivity” Audio #3 – Intense Focus Experience: Very Satisfied I’ve used the “intense focus” audios for the last 2 days while writing copy. Typically I want to multi-task and jump from one thing to another, but listening to the audios has helped me keep my concentration and I don’t even think of jumping to another task. It’s early days yet but so far they’ve definitely helped my productivity. Kyle Tully, NSW, Australia www.KyleTully.com


Very Very Happy! Audio #4 – Easy Learning Experience: Very Satisfied Benefits: I found this fantastic, I am currently working full time as a secretary, and doing a full time Beauty Therapist diploma via correspondence. When i finish work and go to do some study, i could read the same page 3 times, and still not take any of it in. After listening and during this audio, I was able to read and read and take everything in for hours! Very Very Happy! Thank you so much. Sharyn Anderson, NSW, Australia


“My Ipod is Very Happy” Audio #5 – Positive Habit Reinforcement Experience: Very Satisfied I’m sold on these audios!! I have really enjoyed the feeling while listening and have experienced a sharper focus in my daily activities. Really a great deal for the price. My ipod is very happy. Keep up the good work. Shawn Dale Tokyo, Japan


“I Am BLOWN AWAY By The Results!” Audio Used: #6 Pure Energy Experience: Very Satisfied Look, I have always been a self starter. I motivate myself easily, and generally have tons of energy, even though I don’t sleep LONG hours. I have only used these audios for 2 days now, and I am ROCKING! I mean SERIOUSLY rocking! I work much harder, longer, and with MUCH more focus than ever before. I am BLOWN AWAY by the results so far! Richelo Killian, United Kingdom, www.imnica.com


“I Suddenly Realized I Felt Really Good…” Audio #7 – Pure Happiness Experience: Very Satisfied I took advantage of your generous offer recently, and downloaded all of the MindShift audios, as well as your new Beyond Binaural audios. I didn’t have a chance to try them until the following day. I came home from a long, busy day spent running a ton of errands, and I wasn’t sure which audio to try first. I was slightly keyed up and stressed, but also feeling a bit drained and fatigued. Did I want an audio that would perk me up, or calm me down? I couldn’t choose, so instead I decided to try the Pure Happiness audio, figuring it was a good in-between choice. I listened on my MP3 player while sitting quietly in the living room. I only listened for 15 minutes, then had to get up to make dinner so I shut off the audio. As I walked into the kitchen, I suddenly realized that I felt really good. My body seemed to be humming with good vibes and well-being, just like you feel after a good workout and stretch. I felt very relaxed and calm, but no longer drowsy or drained. It couldn’t be the AUDIO that did that, could it? I found it hard to believe, but the effect lasted for the rest of the evening and I slept like a baby. The next morning I listened again to see if the result would be the same – and it was! Every time I listen to that Pure Happiness audio, I end up feeling not only happy but very light, calm and carefree. LOVE IT! I still need to try most of the other ones – my biggest dilemma is choosing between them! But I am highly impressed by these so far, I must say! 🙂 Wendy Betterini, USA, www.CreationThoughts.com


“I Noticed My Stress Levels Reduce Tremendously… Amazing!” Audio #8 – Less Stress Experience: Very Satisfied I purchased your audios a few days back with the realization that there were quite a few of them that I could potentially put to good use. Ever since I was in my early 20’s (I’m in my 40’s now), I was diagnosed and have suffered from severe anxiety disorder – better known as “panic attacks” for which I take medication daily. After giving your “Less Stress” audio a run… I noticed my stress levels had reduced tremendously and I was actually able to go to bed that evening without having to take a pill. Amazing! I have started using the audio at least twice a day and have been able to reduce my daily medication by 1/3. I can hardly wait to get into the “Maximum Motivation” and “Centered Creativity” audios to see how that will affect my potential income, since I am also an Information Marketing Entrepreneur. Please keep my updated on any new releases. Thanks and all the best of success! Ronnie Bussey, Texas, USA, www.RonnieBussey.com


“These Audios Are Truly Amazing” These audios are truly amazing. I had already tried several of the other audios in this package and had excellent results so was anxious to try Easy Sleep as well. I have never needed a lot of sleep – but I have always had problems getting the brain to ‘shut down’ for even a few hours. From the first night – ‘Easy Sleep’ allowed me to drift off to a GOOD solid 5 hrs of sleep, and to awaken refreshed and fully recharged. Not to be missed – this is a life changing and very under priced package! Melody Wigdahl, www.Womensnet.net


“Miraculous” Audio #11 – Active Training Experience: Very Satisfied Being an aged pensioner in Australia means I must watch my finances carefully. I refuse to say “I can’t afford something” rather that I am financially handicapped and must think about it first. I don’t do aerobic exercises but I played the exercise binaural beats on my I-Pod (a gift from the grand kids) and was still playing it after 2 hours digging and planting in the garden and completing the job I started, then another hour while I dragged the hose around watering. That is really miraculous because I weigh over 100kg and am over 65 years of age and usually the job would take several days. Thank you. Valerie Joan, Queensland, Australia


“Amazing Strength Improvement” Audio #12 – Strength Training Experience: Very Satisfied I used to lift 18 pounds per arm for the seated dumbbell concentration biceps curls for 3 sets. I tried the strength training audio 15 minutes before my workout and listened to it during the whole workout. I was able to lift 25 pounds per arm for 3 sets. Amazing strength improvement! Butch Fernando Metro Manila, Philippines


“This Package Was A ‘No-Brainer’ In Terms Of Price” This is an awesome package. I’m not a morning person, so I find I’m using Maximum Motivation first thing every day and it really helps me blast through things. No more waking up slowly with this audio! I have to tell you I have bought single audios for as much as $39, so this package was a no-brainer in terms of price and now that I’ve used the audios for a while, all I can say is … Incredible value! Kate Fowler, Canada


“The Retention Of Facts Remains Long After Reading Once Using Intense Focus” Audio #3 – Intense Focus Experience: Very Satisfied “Intense Focus” provides a noticeable clarity and ability to “stay with the material” especially when studying convoluted or difficult concepts. Makes excellent use of time. The retention of facts remains long after initial reading of material after using your “Intense Focus” audio. Kim English, North Carolina, USA, www.NewDesignsforLiving.com


“It Makes Meditating Easy!” Bonus Audio – Centered Meditation Experience: Very Satisfied After meditating now for 18 months or so I tried the centered meditation and have to say it absolutely blew me away. I settled much quicker and went deeper for longer than ever before. It makes meditating easy and would not hesitate to recommend it. Excellent product… great price! Thanks! David Baker, Great Britain


“It Was Like Night And Day” Audio #3 – Intense Focus Experience: Very Satisfied I’ve been retired 5 yrs. When I listened to other audios I got so so results. I had to take a very difficult weld test to enter the work force. It was going so so. Then I put on the ‘Intense Focus’ audio while welding and O My God… It was like night and day. I was better than when I left. It was amazing. Art Cook, Wash, United States.


Very Alert.. Audio #1 – Maximum Motivation Experience: Very Satisfied I felt very alert and focused after listening to the recording. Willem Naude, Berkshire, UK, www.naude.com.


This has helped me! Audio #4 – Easy Learning Experience: Very Satisfied I have experienced much better concentration after listening to the White Noise versions. Thank you, Sofia Seresli Nafplio, Greece


Amazingly Good!” Audio #4 – Easy Learning Experience: Very Satisfied Easy learning is for me the best for focusing and staying alert. Amazingly good. Alfons Van Cauter, Belgium


“… was up after five minutes…” Audio #6 – Pure Energy Experience:Very Satisfied I have great problems getting out of bed in the morning, so after setting my alarm for six in the morning! I listened to pure energy while still snoozing in bed and was able to rise ready for the day after 10 minutes. The second day I did the same and was up after five minutes, I even felt ready for work and went in half an hour before my official start time, much to the delight of the night worker who go an early finish! Carl Sullivan, England


“I Have Fallen Asleep And Slept Through Solidly!” Audio #9 – Easy Sleep Experience: Very Satisfied Having downloaded the audios with white noise option I have had a chance to listen to ‘Easy Sleep’ and am glad to say that it worked! The white noise has to me the benefit of sounding like the ocean and it seems that the tone and the noise together relaxes me and it definitely helps as for the two nights listening to this audio so far I have fallen asleep and slept through solidly! It seems an age since I have slept like this and am very grateful to have found it as it helped me 100%. Bill Gunn, Cheshire, UK


“I Felt Good When I Was Finished” Audio #2 – Centered Creativity Experience: Very Satisfied The odd thing is I was listening while cleaning out clothes I haven’t worn, and things I’ve not used or looked at for months. Not an easy task for me because I can always think of when I might use them again. This time: out they went, the best part being how easy it was and how good I felt when I finished. I guess my creative self knew I needed to clear up the clutter. Davina MacLeod, Victoria, Australia


“Complete 7 Verse Poem… In 30 Minutes” Audio #2 – Centered Creativity Experience: Very Satisfied I write poetry, and listened to Centered Creativity. After listening, I wrote a complete 7 verse poem while watching TV in about 30 minutes!!!! Anthony R. Holt United States


“Greatest Workout In Years” Audio #12 – Strength Training Experience: Very satisfied Benefits: So far awesome! I’ve tried them all… HoloSync, Mind Power etc. I especially ordered them to help me to sleep as I’m very sleep deprived. I purchased your audios this morning and was sapped from no sleep (again). Anyway I tried your “Strength Training” audio and had the greatest workout in years and the energy carried me throughout the day. No bull your audios are the best and at a very affordable price. Derek Jilon, New York, USA


“These Audios Rock” Lack of Focus has been my achilles heel for the last couple of months and I just couldn’t get my mind around to doing some projects. I just ran across your website and I was so desperate for help that I decided to take a chance and listen to “Intense Focus”. I was very skeptical, however I felt that I didn’t have anything to loose but everything to gain. I downloaded the file and played it on my pc and went to work. Before I knew it, this writing project that I have been putting off since the beginning of the year was completed before the track stopped! I was amazed and in the zone and I didn’t even know it. These audios rock and I will continue to play this one when I need a job done now. The next one audio on my list is ‘Easy Sleep’ and I will have that one on tonight, Regards, Sonya Davis, www.NewbieResourceCenter.com


mommyjace-copyOne of my favorite quotes is “When it comes to staying young, a mind lift beats a face lift any day.” – Marty Bucella. The practice of focusing with audios is not to be confused with meditation although they are similar, binaural beats serve many purposes. A number of these benefits are included in all of my Peacefulaudio packages such as focus, staying positive and success, this is possible for every man and woman.  I have provided some great audios for you to make it happen in your life!
To your success!
Terri Roberts