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Getting a good nights sleep is essential for having a healthy mind, body and spirit.
If your not getting quality sleep then it will affect your relationships, your work and it will definitely affect your health.
Before you read on, please select the following statement that applies, you can choose more than one…

I have trouble going to sleep at night… I just lie in bed and can’t switch off my brain…
I wake up constantly through the night and haven’t had a peaceful nights sleep in ages…
Once I wake up during the night I can’t get back to sleep no matter how hard I try…
Every morning I wake up tired and exhausted. I just want a good nights sleep!

If you picked one or more options above, there is a solution that can help and I want to share it with you…

Listen To Sleepwinks Audio Sampler

Introducing My Amazing “” Audios, Designed To
Help You To Get The Best Sleep Every Single Night

Sleepwinks Audio #1
“Restful Nights”

RestfulNights.mp3 (30:10)

Restful Nights MP3 audio helps you to feel calm and relaxed
in just a few minutes, which is a great way to prepare you for
good night’s sleep.
Slow, relaxed breathing is recommended. It is important not to
retire for the night with too much on our mind, this is a great way
to let go of the day and enter into sleep peacefully.
Audio Length:- 30 Minutes

Sleepwinks Audio #2
“Restful Nights Enhanced”

RestfulNightsEnhanced.mp3 (59:09)

Restful Nights Enhanced MP3 This is the long version audio
of 60 minutes of solitude. If you have the time in the evening listen
to this audio while you are laying down or just relaxing.
This soothing audio will help you to forget about
the day and enter into sleep peacefully.
Audio Length:- 60 Minutes

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How Can These Audios Help Me?

Simply this… If you have trouble sleeping then you need to slow down your brain wave frequencies from gamma and beta (the high frequencies) to alpha then theta and finally delta (the low frequencies) for the best nights sleep you have ever had. This is a natural solution to your problem.

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“These Audios Are Truly Amazing”
These audios are truly amazing. I have never needed a lot of sleep – but I have always had problems getting the brain to ‘shut down’ for even a few hours. From the first night – ‘Super Slumber’ allowed me to drift off to a GOOD solid 5 hrs of sleep, and to awaken refreshed and fully recharged. Thank you, Melody Wigdahl
“My First Full 8 Hour Sleep In Over A Year”
A few years ago, I was diagnosed with “complicated migraines.” Those are the kind where you see “auras” around everything before the pain and slurred speech sets in. When the pain hits, it feels like someone just pounded a railroad spike into the base of my brain, often inducing nausea and vomiting.
These “episodes” were happening every few months, so I gave in and went to a neurologist, who said that there was no way I could get them under control if I didn’t get a full 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep per night, which at the time, with my schedule was laughable.
The drug for sleep he prescribed knocked me out for easily 8 hours, but left me groggy. So I ditched the drugs, started taking melatonin, and while I sleep for long hours at a stretch, it’s not uninterrupted… I don’t sleep as deeply with just my non-pharma approach, but I also haven’t had any recent episodes.
I downloaded your amazing binaural beats and listened to “Super Slumber” before bedtime. And for the first time in about a year, I slept a full uninterrupted 8 hours, and felt totally refreshed when I awoke, and even vividly remembered a dream for a change. Many thanks, Molly Ann Gracie, California USA

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