More Focus with Binaural Beats


How many times have you caught yourself daydreaming, staring off into space or unable to pay attention to a task during the day? It is a fairly common occurrence. Everyone daydreams and experiences periods where they just aren’t focusing; it happens at home, at work, while dealing with your kids, in the grocery store, anywhere and everywhere! Binaural beats can help, read on…

Daydreaming is not necessarily a bad thing. Many times, daydreams invigorate you and help you to work out a problem or a solution in your head. These waking fantasies make a great escape from the predictability and repetition of our humdrum daily lives. Think of them as a short respite from the problem or task in front of you. Once you snap out of your daydream, your attention is refocused and you are able to return to work.

However, for some people, daydreaming is a constant part of their awake states. These individuals may find it difficult to concentrate on anything for more than a few minutes at a time; thoughts seem to filter through slowly, and they often are unproductive and unmotivated to complete a task. Lack of focus on these essential daily tasks could have dire consequences. It’s going to be almost impossible to hold down a job or ace a math exam if you can’t concentrate on it to get the work done! In situations like this, binaural beat audios come in handy.

Beta Waves & Concentration

We know that by stimulating the beta waves, increased levels of concentration can be experienced. Beta waves are experienced at certain frequencies. Within this frequency, different ranges can be experienced, from the lower frequency of beta waves to the highest frequency of beta waves. Though it may seem like a minimal difference, decreased beta waves are associated with less concentration, while the maximum frequency allows for complete concentration. By tuning the brain for the highest frequency of beta waves, your productivity rises and you are able to completely absorb yourself in the task at hand.

With increased focus levels, your concentration, ability to stay on task, and resist outside influences are increased. This occurs because these brain waves help you to stay focused on one task at a time, preventing the burn out and fatigue often experienced as a result of your attention being diverted to too many areas at once. Everyone can benefit from increased focus with binaural beats; even those who aren’t big daydreamers. Who couldn’t use a little extra focus or concentration to solve a tricky math problem, to write a book, or to stay alert during a tedious conference at work?

As your brain tunes this frequency and is able to stay more alert don’t be surprised when you are able to complete tasks faster! With increased focus and the motivation that accompanies that promotion at work, impressing your teachers with your math abilities and even writing that novel you’ve been talking about for the last five years are all right around the corner.

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