“Meditate Deeper, Meditate Longer & Meditate Easier Then Ever Before With These Amazing Binaural Beats Audios”

How Meditation Can Change Your Life…

I used to think that meditation was all about weird cross legged positions and a smoky incense room filled with candles. That was until I found out that many doctor’s recommend it to their patients for all the health benefits. I have done much research about meditation and let me tell you that what I found was very surprising.

It’s not about sitting cross legged on the floor for hours at a time…
It’s not about candles or incense
It’s not against your religion (yes even for Christians)…

Meditation is a discipline in which the mind is focused on an object of thought or awareness. It’s simple although it requires practice but this can be easier than you think…(more on that in a bit). Simply speaking the only thing you really have to do is… to “do” nothing at all. That’s your “goal”. table width=”780″ align=”center” cellpadding=”5″ cellspacing=”0″ class=”center” id=”center”>

Magic Meditation Audio Sampler

Audio 3 – Quick Meditation

Audio 4 – Deeper & Peaceful

Audio 12 – Complete Mastering

“The Wonderful Health Benefits Of Meditation”

Meditation has a lot of health benefits. Check out this massive list quoted from HealthandYoga.com

It lowers oxygen consumption. It decreases respiratory rate.
It increases blood flow and slows the heart rate. Increases exercise tolerance in heart patients.
Reduces viruses and emotional distress. Helps in post-operative healing.
Helps in chronic diseases like allergies, arthritis etc. Reduces Pre- menstrual Syndrome.
Leads to a deeper level of relaxation. Builds self-confidence.
Good for people with high blood pressure as it brings it down to normal levels.
Reduces anxiety attacks by lowering the levels of blood lactate.
Decreases muscle tension (any pain due to tension) and headaches.
It increases serotonin production which influences mood and behavior.

“But It’s Not Only The Health Benefits…..Read On” With practice, time, and without effort, you’ll start to discover the ‘hidden’ power within you, within your mind like increased attention, better focusing, improved concentration and more perception. Your stress will progressively vanish, and directed productive action will guide your life. You will achieve a calm, serene and happy state. Many natural skills are currently hibernating within you, skills that have been erased from your conscious memory because of the overexposure to outside stimuli, like TV, negative job stress, financial problems, relationship disharmony… you know… “Modern” life problems. Meditation can help…

Perhaps You Are Having Trouble Getting Started?

Have you…read some articles about meditation online, bought a book about meditation, watched a DVD about how to meditate…But you still can’t stop THINKING! Are you have trouble switching off your mind for even 5 minutes! Don’t worry you are not alone… Thousands of people just like you have this problem everyday…

“Let Me Share With You A Scientific Secret…”

What if I could tell you that in about 5 minutes science can actually help you to…

Meditate Easier

Meditate Longer


I want to share with you a new type of audio that uses cutting edge scientific techniques. It combines the use of binaural beats + music therapy to slow down your brainwaves and your mind and put you in a meditative state in less than 5 minutes. Now I don’t want to get all ‘geeky’ here and have you drooling on your keyboard in 2 minutes but I feel I do need to share with you how these amazing audio really work. Here’s your first lesson….

Dominant Frequencies Control Your Life

Everything you do has a dominant frequency associated. When you are in a state of relaxation your brain waves have a certain frequency. When you are alert and driven they have a totally different frequency. Check out the different frequencies and the result usually associated with it. Binaural Beats

Frequency range


Usually associated with:

> 40 Hz

Gamma waves Higher mental activity, including perception, problem solving, fear, and consciousness

13 – 40 Hz

Beta waves Active, busy or anxious thinking and active concentration, arousal, cognition

7 – 13 Hz

Alpha waves Relaxation (while awake), pre-sleep and pre-wake drowsiness

4 – 7 Hz

Theta waves Dreams, deep meditation, REM sleep

< 4 Hz

Delta waves Deep dreamless sleep, loss of body awareness

Now when you are trying to meditate and you just can’t stop your mind from racing, you can’t stop moving, you can’t stop thinking. Guess which frequency range your brain waves are in? That’s right they are in the Beta or Gamma range, a high state so that you can think, move work. To experience a true meditative state you need to lower your brain waves so that you are in the Alpha, Theta or even the Delta ranges. Meditation does this naturally… but there are times when we need help. That is why I created a complete set of meditation audios designed to lower your brainwaves safely and naturally in order to experience the best meditation state possible. The meditative, relaxed but fully aware mind state will stay with you all the time, without those previous limitations you’ve been suffering in your life before you started this course.

Balancing Your Life


balancing with meditation
This is your first step into balancing your life as you want it, the way you want it. This is the key to enjoy the creative process while feeling pleasure in a relaxed and aware state.


Magic Meditation Audio Series

Meditation has finally evolved. The solid practice of classic Meditation, backed up, powered and enhanced by pinnacle science techniques, gives you the best meditation experience available. The audios uses several techniques that ‘guides’ you, or assist you to meditate. Let me share with you all the audios as part of this series.

Step 1a. Getting Started For Beginners

The following audios are for beginners and are designed to get you started, we have a separate set for advanced users as well. Not only that but we provide step by step instructions guiding you with exactly what you need to do.

Meditation Audio #1 Relax

creative binaural beats mp3The relaxation obtained from this audio will give you more energy and relaxation than 10 hours of sleep.This audio creates full awareness meditation and deep relaxation within you. Because you will re-learn how to live your life without worries and fear, you will start to know the infinite benefits of meditation.

Audio Length:- 30 Minutes
Digital Download Only

Meditation Audio #2 First Steps

creative binaural beats mp3With this audio you will start to unleash the power within you. An astonishing power will be released as soon as you start using this audio and you will be taking your first steps into this new modern meditation technique.

Audio Length:- 30 Minutes
Digital Download Only

Meditation Audio #3 Quick Meditation

creative binaural beats mp3With this audio you will achieve power QUICKER and deeper. In this third step you will find power to meditate and put your life in balance. In fact, real world problems will become less important and EASIER to resolve, because the power of your mind will be unleashed!

Audio 3 Sampler – Quick Meditation
Audio Length:- 30 Minutes
Digital Download Only

Step 1b. Getting Started For Advanced

This meditation course is for everybody, for beginners and advanced. That is why we have included Step 1B for people who have been meditating for years. These audios are a lot more powerful and will help you to get into a meditative state very quickly.

Meditation Advanced Audio #1 Relaxation

creative binaural beats mp3If you’ve been doing meditation previously, then you already know the benefits of full awareness and relaxation. This audio will introduce you a different kind of meditation, oriented for modern life, without the smoke and mirrors, just fast and powerful results! A complete and deep relaxation.

Audio Length:- 30 Minutes
Digital Download Only

Meditation Advanced Audio #2 Meditation Reinforcement

creative binaural beats mp3This audio will reinforce the meditation skills you’ve developed so far. With the help of the new techniques developed for this audio, a deeper level of awareness will be introduced within a few sessions. You will be able to handle ANY situation with confidence and peace.

Audio Length:- 30 Minutes
Digital Download Only

Meditation Advanced Audio #3 Quick Modern Meditation

creative binaural beats mp3This audio will assist you to achieve an advanced meditative state quickly WHILE you live in the REAL world. And as you know, the benefits of meditation positively affects business, family matters, and even sexual life. Everything will be enhanced. In fact, this audio will speed up the meditation process so you can organize your life around what you love to do. They key for this audio is: Fast meditative state induction.You’ll expand your meditation skills even further and with less effort.

Audio Length:- 30 Minutes
Digital Download Only

Step 2. Intermediate Techniques

Audios #4 to #8 will take your meditation to the next level and introduce intermediate techniques. These audios have a very different arrangement and you will now be introduced to rhythm.

Meditation Audio #4 Deeper & Peaceful Meditation

creative binaural beats mp3This audio will help you to organize your life in every single aspect and level.This audio will be teaching you how to use nature’s omnipresent rhythms and patterns for your own benefit. Balance will dominate your life, making your life enjoyable and easy.

Audio 4 Sampler – Deeper & Peaceful
Audio Length:- 30 Minutes
Digital Download Only

Meditation Audio #5 Restoring Thoughts Natural Balance

creative binaural beats mp3Let your mind work for you, and let your body USE the potential energy within you. An outstanding level of energy will be inducted in your mind and body. Your thoughts will be simpler, greater and more powerful than ever before. Because you will be focusing your energy on solutions instead of problems, and your life will change for the better.

Audio Length:- 30 Minutes
Digital Download Only

Meditation Audio #6 Breathing Power

creative binaural beats mp3This audio is special. Your job will be to focus on your breathing and/or in the wind sounds while ignoring anything else.You will start to breathe deeper and better. This natural breathing will expand your level of attention, focus, awareness, will reduce stress, anxiety, and you will gain more and more confidence. Good and powerful breathing IS THE KEY, and this audio will teach you how to do it naturally and effortlessly.

Audio Length:- 30 Minutes
Digital Download Only

Meditation Audio #7 Positive Emotion Meditation

creative binaural beats mp3The positive emotions are essential.Because even while you have tremendous amount of potential energy within you a strong sense of direction is needed, always. Positive emotion will lead you into your goals. This audio and its instructions will lead you ‘there’, into a powerful positive state that nothing or anyone can take from you.

Audio Length:- 30 Minutes
Digital Download Only

Meditation Audio #8 Subconscious Keys

creative binaural beats mp3Your hidden mind, or subconscious mind takes care of so many important actions, and your ‘hidden’ mind hides precious treasures that will be unlocked by this audio. You will see in yourself virtues that you’ve forgot you have, and furthermore, you will be able to use them!

Audio Length:- 30 Minutes
Digital Download Only

Step 3. Advanced Techniques

Once again these audios will take you to the next level of meditation. Follow these audios step by step and you will be able to achieve all of your meditation goals.

Meditation Audio #9 Wu Wei Technique

{Originating from Taoism, translated as “non-doing” or “non-action”. Our actions are aligned with the natural world cultivating great ease and awareness in which we are able to respond effortlessly to whatever situations arise}

creative binaural beats mp3Everything begins with a thought and an emotion, they must re-arranged in proper order: Thoughts first and directed action LATER. Your emotions will be a tool to achieve any goal, any mind/spiritual state you desire. The only task while you meditate with this audio is to visualize, thinking and focusing upon your goal in a detached way. Just visualize yourself achieving your goals and suddenly you’ll be preparing your fast road to travel towards your goals! They key for this audio is: You have to do is NOTHING at all. Results can be fantastic.

Audio Length:- 30 Minutes
Digital Download Only

Meditation Audio #10 Sustained Awareness

creative binaural beats mp3With this audio, your mind will be trained to PROLONG that amazing awareness state that you’ve been cultivating and exploring so far.You will feel the benefits of meditation in your daily modern life.You will feel full of real energy, focusing power, awareness, calm everlasting joy and content. All those feelings will last longer and longer each time you practice effortlessly. At last, you will feel and live the present day, while planning a greater future at the same time. With this audio you’ll certainly seize the day.

Audio Length:- 30 Minutes
Digital Download Only

Meditation Audio #11 Modern Meditation Mastering

creative binaural beats mp3This special audio will “effortlessly reinforce” everything you’ve been practicing so far. This audio will set your mind in a profound aware state. Staying in total control and feeling calm, peace and joy at the same time. There are levels of thinking and feeling that are ‘locked’ deep within yourself, with this tool your life will change. Meditation, at this high level, will change and expand your life into new states, feelings that you’ve never thought possible will emerge and expand. You will be able to start living your life in the way you’ve always wanted.

Audio Length:- 30 Minutes
Digital Download Only

Meditation Audio #12 Complete Meditation Mastering

creative binaural beats mp3This audio will push the limits even further and should be used as a constant training audio for advanced students that have been following the complete course. An amazingly deep and strong meditative state will be induced with this audio. Several techniques are used here, so this audio should be used as the final step. It will open many doors to more specific, DIRECTED INTENTIONS and goals to your life. It is a new beginning, and when you reach this level there are no limits!

Audio 12 Sampler – Complete Mastering
Audio Length:- 30 Minutes
Digital Download Only

The Total Package Includes:
3 Beginner => 3 Advanced => 5 Intermediate => 4 Skilled = 15 Complete Meditation Audios
“This Is Not Just A Series….It’s A Meditation Journey”

This series will guide you every step of the way in your meditation journey… You will discover new techniques and reach levels of awareness you have only ever dreamed about. But how much would you expect to pay? Specialty meditation audios can be ridiculously expensive. For example one very popular binaural beats / meditation CD sells for $179 PLUS shipping and handling.

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guaranteed binaural beats
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Total Value = $389.35

Therefore you can get all 12 for just a one time payment of

Special Price Just $47.00…

(One Time Payment – No Recurring Charges)


Magic Meditation Audio Sampler

Audio 3 – Quick Meditation

Audio 4 – Deeper & Peaceful

Audio 12 – Complete Mastering

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What Do These Audios Sound Like? These audios combine the power of binaural beats with music and sound therapy, to put you in the right state of mind quickly.

2) How Should I Listen To These Audios? For best results these audios should be listened to via stereo headphones or earplugs. It is best to listen to the audios in a quiet place, where you can comfortably sit for a minimum of 15 minutes.

3) How Often Should I Listen to These Audios? These audios should be listened to everyday to achieve maximum benefits. It is recommended that the audios be listened to for 7 days before moving onto the next audio. Listen to each in sequence.

Simple… magic meditation, it just works!

(One Time Payment – No Recurring Charges)