How Can Binaural Beats Help You – Exploring Their Many Uses

Binaural beats are believed to have a number of different uses, some controversial and others widely accepted. Individuals have claimed that binaural beats can be used to stimulate growth hormones, increase memory, remain focused and even increase sexual drive. The affects of binaural beatshave been used for some time and new uses continue to be explored and studied.

  1. Improve your mood: For individuals looking to get rid of stress and relax, binaural beats have been shown to be effective. Negative feelings and thoughts can be released and replaced with feelings of serenity.
  1. Train faster, not harder: Use of binaural beats is effective to learn and process information quicker and gain a better retention of the information and understanding. Playing an audio in the background while working on homework or learning a new language is a great trick.
  1. Sleep deeper – A natural sleep remedy: By training the brain to fall into deep sleep your body is able to recharge and rejuvenate, and you spend less time in light sleeping. Light sleep is a period of restless sleeping that leaves you feeling fatigued and many individuals spend more time here than in deep sleep. By reducing time spent in light sleep periods, individuals may be able to shave off up to 4 hours of sleep time.
  1. Conscious dreaming: Astral projection, out of body experiences, visualizations, and lucid dreaming are all possible through brain synchronization. Conscious dreaming can be useful to overcome your fears, increase your self awareness and recognize the mind body relationship to our environment.
  1. Hypnosis: Through self hypnosis, individuals can train themselves to overcome dangerous and life threatening addictions to drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol. Self hypnosis can even be used to resist temptations and lose weight.
  1. Retrieving memories: In theta wave patterns, memories are more easily accessible. It’s not uncommon to recover a memory long buried or thought forgotten. Analyzing of memories can help some individuals to review mistakes or traumas of their past and overcome them.
  1. Link to the unconscious mind: By tapping into the unconscious mind you are able to explore thoughts and feelings that often go ignored. In this state, the barrier between the conscious and unconscious minds can be reduced.

For those coping with debilitating illnesses or health problems, binaural beats may be an effective treatment in addition to more traditional therapies. They have been used to treat attention deficit disorder, autism, and other mental disorders. In addition, they have been reported to be useful in creating a sense of euphoria, increasing “gut” feelings, ESP, and even psychic abilities.

There are many more uses for binaural beat audios. There is no harm in using an audio for a while and then switching to another one in order to work on a different area that you want to improve. With binaural beats, achieving the health, state of mind, and lifestyle you have always wanted is within your hands.

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