Getting to Know Binaural Beats

Getting to Know Binaural Beats

The ability to relax, meditate and get in the right frame of mind is making great strides, especially in the world of sound. One of the most innovative options that has developed is that of binaural beats. This method allows individuals to boost their day with energy or to slow down after the daily tasks. Combined with this is a foundational concept that is continuing to move forward with some of the best tools in sound and technology.

Binaural beats began as an experimental set of sounds to alter brain waves over 70 years ago. The main concept is to take the sounds and set different tones in each ear. As this occurs, the brain responds and allows the mind to alter how quickly the brain waves are moving. The response is a slower process of thinking and a rejuvenation of the mind.

The basics of binaural waves starts with taking two main frequencies. One will move at a certain rate, or frequency in the left ear. The second wave will be in the right ear at a slightly different frequency. As these two sounds are created, a pulse is heard between the two. This is the basis of the binaural beat, which mixes together the two frequencies to create a beat that the mind responds to.

Binaural Beat Frequencies
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Even though this is a basic concept for sound, the way that the mind responds is what allows this particular concept to be completely effective. Whenever the mind hears this pulse, it responds by creating a brain wave that matches with the pulse. Take for instance, if the left ear hears a pulse that is moving at 103 hz. Then, change this with the right ear, which may be producing a frequency of 97 hz. The brain hears the pulse of these two, and will match the frequency of the pulse, which leaves a wave of 7 hz.

What works so well with the two frequencies that alter the mind is that it provides a change in one’s focus. Binaural beats are known to take this simple science and the use of technology to create a complete alteration in one’s conscious level. Depending on how the frequencies and beats are heard, it can cause one to feel more relaxed or stress free. At other times, it produces new levels of energy to help one to move throughout their day. According to several experts, this technology can also be used for specific health or mental alterations for better living.

If you are interested in tools that provide you with focus, consciousness and higher energy or allows you to get into a state of relaxation, then a simple answer is with binaural beats. This combination of science concepts and technology is a simple way to move to a better state of mind and to allow your mind to move into a completely different wave.


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