Can My 3 Year Old Meditate?

Child Meditation

If you have children or have been around young children long enough, particularly during the toddler years – yikes! than you might agree that meditation for a child at this age is not possible.

My 3 year old is usually only interested in Dora The Explorer, dinky cars and making sure his 1 year old sister has no access to his toys whatsoever (we’re working on this!)

He has no idea what meditation is and any reasonable or simplified explanation of meditation would not appeal to him in the least – unfortunately no element of staying quiet, peaceful and/or calm without any thought is possible for him to really grasp at this point in his life.

The only quiet time I have with him aside from sleeping, is in the car.

I noticed lately that he chooses to simply look out the window and watch the scenery and the cars go by. I asked him what he was thinking and he simply said “nothing”.

It reminded me of when I use to take the Greyhound to visit a friend, I always got a window seat so I could do exactly that…look out the window and think about nothing, simply watch the cars go by and the scenery pass in the window. It was a sort of meditation for me even if I didn’t recognize it at the time.

I think that this was the closest thing to meditation that any 3 year old can do and the silence for me is golden. Meditation can not only be about clearing our mind but about watching things pass us by without a great deal of thought as well. It’s something I miss now always being the driver and rarely the passenger (paying attention to the road is not optional) but I am glad it is for him.

This also prompted my decision to not get a DVD player in the car. A child’s world is his home filled with distraction after distraction but yet looking out the car window is a unique way to see the world; seasons change, cars pass by, colours  and shapes change the sky changes and so on.

Why should he miss any of this?  So can a 3 year old meditate? Perhaps not, one could call it simply daydreaming but seeing my son at such a young age just gazing out the window without too much thought has to be a small start and if nothing else then a reminder that even a few minutes of peace and reflection can remind of us of how much we love our children.

Update: I decided to insert a picture of my son knowing it would be impossible to get a picture of him in any kind of meditation state so this was the best I could do. He loves his wagon and creates a makeshift bed to take a break every now and then.


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