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Hi! I’m Shelly, born and raised in Australia and lucky enough to live near some of our most beautiful beaches! I’ve worked for in the IT industry in business management for almost 20 years and often for large multi-national companies. There is no doubt that at times this can get very stressful, through ups and downs in the market, fast changing technology, volatile workforce and often unstable economies.  One thing stays constant.  The need to stay happy positive, focussed and handle stress.

My husband had a long term interest in Yoga, Meditation, Spirituality and he had discovered that the use of binaural beats greatly increased his focus, his intuition and his sense of calm, and introduced me to the health benefits of these recordings. We recently had the opportunity to acquire this wonderful collection of audios and I’m excited to be able to share them with you, in the hope that you too can find some calm and focus in this often crazy world!


Each package incorporates the benefits of binaural beats into either white noise or most recently added musical binaural beats as well. You can choose from 4 different packages including:

MyMindShift – 26 audios 13 white noise and 13 newly added musical audios.

SleepWinks – Binaural beats for those that need rest and relaxation the most!

MagicMeditation – Meditation has been proven to provide terrific health benefits for hundreds of years, why not include some soothing binaural beat meditation sounds as well?

BeyondBinaural –Strictly white noise for those that want to start with the basics on binaural beats.

You can sign up for our free newsletter as well as our free audio offer anytime. The full audio programs are at a minimal cost and well worth every penny. On this blog you can find several articles on the health benefits of binaural beats. The best way to learn more is to sign up below.

Music therapy or binaural beats have been around for over 150 years. Two different beat frequencies are used, one in each ear that helps stimulate the brain to help you relax, meditate, sleep and reduce anxiety. The beats are sometimes only heard as white noise or can also be set within soft relaxing music.

The benefits from these different frequencies, and the positive effects it has on the mind and body is fantastic! There are four different frequency waves that are used in music therapy; Delta, Theta, Alpha, and Beta waves, and each one has its own benefit but are best used in combination with one another, hence binaural beats.

In addition to relaxation, the beats can help with focus, memory, learning, positive thinking, active concentration and stress reduction. It also helps to promote a normal state of alertness and prevent busy or anxious thinking and overall anxiety.

If you have never tried binaural beats then this is your opportunity to get free binaural beat audios absolutely free with no obligation whatsoever. The full audio programs are offered for a minimal price. I don’t believe in limited time offers or price increases, if binaural beats are for you then the full audio packages are yours to download forever.

If binaural beats are not your cup of tea then the free downloads are yours to keep forever but I know you will find the benefits truly amazing as so many others have.

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Peace Always,
Shelly Duncan

Audio Production Bio

Learn more about how the audios are made, Patrick Rundbladh, audio producer was kind enough to answer a few  questions below:-)

Patrick Audio Producer

What is your audio background? i.e training and/or experience? How long?
Growing up in Sweden, my life has revolved around music for as long as I can remember. I studied music and audio design in high school, then later on in college. I hold a degree in music composition and arrangement from the Science of Music University in Sweden.

I have been creating music and audio for over 20 years and I have been working professionally since 2008. I now run my own music production company, P.R. Music Productions.

What inspired you to get involved in binaural beats?
I first got introduced to the technique a few years back when a client I was working with at the time asked me to collaborate with creating binaural beats. I began studying the subject and I was immediately intrigued. Being a music composer I was fascinated to see that audio and music can be something scientific as well as artistic.

What is it about binaural beats that has benefitted you?
I have found that the combination of binaural beats and custom created music has a much greater effect on our minds than I could ever imagine. It can guide you toward a certain state of mind much quicker than any music track could ever do on its own. I often use binaural beats in relaxing and meditative music that I compose.

Why do you recommend them to others?
It works! I have done tests where I let people listen to a specific music track with and without binaural beats.
The results show that the desired state of mind is achieved not only quicker but also much easier with the binaural beats added into the track.
Patrick Rundbladh

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